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Debunking Nick Hudson

We were recently asked to watch "a video on what happened over the last year statistically and how fear was generated to push extreme measures onto the world".   I watched this video, and while the information being presented appears quite factual, I have some serious criticisms about the way this information is manipulated by the presenter to support a fairly outlandish con

Questions to consider about forests

I have listed some questions we need to consider about our forests on their own and together (their interactions and cumulative effects) between our present forest and what were the condition of Lasqueti forests in 1850. I believe it is important to consider our goals for our forests, before we consider the ways we might reach our goals.

CDF & fire

“Pre-settlement” Wildfire information from around Lasqueti

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Island Health: Lasqueti Community Vaccine Clinic for all adults 18+

From: Island Health

To: Lasqueti Island Residents

RE: Whole Community Vaccination clinics for the Lasqueti Island population


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Debunking Dr. Meehan

We were recently asked to read "An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful" by a Dr. Meehan.

I like "evidence based scientific analysis", and don't enjoy wearing a mask much, so I had a look a that blog post from Dr. Meehan, hoping to learn something about mask effectiveness

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