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Debunking Dr. Meehan

We were recently asked to read "An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful" by a Dr. Meehan.

I like "evidence based scientific analysis", and don't enjoy wearing a mask much, so I had a look a that blog post from Dr. Meehan, hoping to learn something about mask effectiveness

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Debunking the Liberty Alliance

We were recently treated to some "good news" from the Liberty Coalition.

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NEB submission

Here is my submission to the farcical NEB "TMX re-consideration".


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Sisters Marine Weather Station is Out!

The marine weather station on Sisters Islets ( is critical for understanding wind and wave conditions in the strait between Lasqueti and V

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What do your web search say about you?

A major digital privacy issue arises when your search history is tracked.

While it may seem innocuous, in the age of big data and AI, your web searches are used to make a quite detailed profile - your gender, age, ethnicity, relationship status, income level, and a host of other social indicators can be inferred just from a history of your search terms.

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