answer to question about post office

When the vaccine mandates are lifted here in BC, does Carolyn get her job back?

Does everyone who lost their jobs because of the forced decision, get their jobs back?


Here's my response:

The mandate that has affected our post office is from the federal government, who instructed Canada Post Corporation to put the mandate in place. Neither the government or Canada Post has said what might happen with employees who have been suspended and been put on leave without pay if they do not get vaccinated. The federal government covers, as far as I know, federal government employees and people working in federally regulated industries, like inter-provincial and international travel.

It's possible that the government and post office don't know yet what they'll do, or they might just not be saying what they'll do. The federal vaccine mandate came into effect and non-complying employees were placed on leave without pay after November 26.

British Columbia adopted a similar mandate for its government employees. They have also said that employees who do not comply will be placed on leave without pay. After three months, employees who have not become at least partially vaccinated may be terminated.  The BC vaccine mandate came into effect on November 22, so people won't be terminated before February 22.




Thanks caroline!

Thanks caroline!

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