PM in hiding as Ottawa fills up with Freedom

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The Truckers are doing what most of the rest of us have been too afraid to do: peacefully unite the country and show the world that our Rights and Freedoms will not be taken away.  People of all backgrounds (racial, gender, language, medical, location) have shown what love and unity will do!

Easily the best coverage starts here:

This sums things up pretty well:

If you only watch one video...this one is recommended!

If you're a veteran or if you saw/listened to any part of the PM's speech Monday morning (Jan 31), listen to this veteran who is "boots-on-the-ground" in Ottawa:

Freedom is spreading...Catch it!


Canadian Truckers Covid-19 Lament by Terry Burton

The Canadian Truckers’ horns rose in unison and they decry;

“Return our freedoms”, it rang throughout the blacken, totalitarian sky.

Their rig wheels did turn all night and day;

Canadian Truckers heading to Ottawa, supporting and seeking freedoms highway.

Receiving phenomenal Canadian support, every inch of the way;

Canadian Truckers aren’t some “fringe minority”, as the cowardly PM did recently say.

Representing “Canadian views and values,” Truckers won’t be deterred in this convoy;

The PM hiding behind a Covid-19 exposure, what a coy and transparent ploy.

Ten thousand plus rigs travelling together, defending what is right;

Canadian Truckers will not be cowered by fear or threats, they’re fighting the good fight.

Their purpose is clear for the entire world to see;

Canadian Truckers, thankfully, are fighting for freedoms, rights and our democracy.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Nuremberg Code and many more;

Delivered, wrapped in millions of Soldiers’ blood and sacrifice, to OUR Parliament’s door.

MPs, Senators, Cabinet and PM remember your solemn oath;

If not, you’ll go down in history on this autocratic, sinking, rat infested boat.

Canadians were born endowed by God to live free;

There is no greater cause nor demand for Canada’s unity.

Canadian Truckers, you are now leading and putting it all on the line;

Our Country, much too valuable to lose, we must stop its downward decline.

“Freedom loving Canadians say, “these illegal and immoral mandates must STOP”;

Canadians are tired of these irrational, absurd Covid-19 policies flip flops.

The Canadian Truckers glide like a dragon from coast to coast to coast;

Essential Canadian Truckers, they are, especially when these politicians have no bread, butter or succulent roast.

Words have meaning that actions do convey;

Canadian Truckers are my heroes, in so many ways.

The Canadian Truckers’ mission is crystal clear, their resolve fed by what’s right;

Canadian Truckers, the unsung heroes, taking up the Freedoms and Democracy fight.

Never bend, never doubt, never take a step back;

Canadian Truckers, you’re going in the right direction and on the right track.

Stand tall, be proud and keep the principles pedal to floor;

Otherwise, you will see the thought police at your door.

Proud to be your fellow citizen, stand with you all the way;

“Ignore the PM, not the sharpest knife in the drawer,” Canadians and the world say.

Canadian Truckers now leading the world, by your actions and beliefs;

Never allow the Covid-19 excuse to be your Charter of Right and Freedoms thief!!!



The Honkening is so boring. Whining about vaccines, wondering why "congress" can't remove Trudeau, finding humour in mispronouncing "Jagmeet"... It's time the " truckers" went home.

Whose Freedom?

The supposed "freedom convoy" are suppressing the freedom of thousands of Ottawa residents, and their insistence they are "doing this for everyone" rings hollow given the vast majority of Canadians support and follow public health guidelines. Their demands to remove all restrictions in the name of "freedom" completely negates the freedom of others to get back to their work, school, restaurants, etc. without endangering their own health or those around them.
"Freedom" is not a unilateral, absolute concept - it is always relative, always subjective, and nearly always a social construct that requires a delicate balance to ensure one person's "freedom" does not overly constrain or deny the "freedom" of others.

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