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“Pre-settlement” Wildfire information from around Lasqueti

Last edited 13 April 2021

Island Health: Lasqueti Community Vaccine Clinic for all adults 18+

From: Island Health

To: Lasqueti Island Residents

RE: Whole Community Vaccination clinics for the Lasqueti Island population


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Debunking Dr. Meehan

We were recently asked to read "An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful" by a Dr. Meehan.

I like "evidence based scientific analysis", and don't enjoy wearing a mask much, so I had a look a that blog post from Dr. Meehan, hoping to learn something about mask effectiveness

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Debunking the Liberty Alliance

We were recently treated to some "good news" from the Liberty Coalition.

Lasqueti's Coast Salish name

In several Coast Salish Indigenous languages in BC, Lasqueti's name is  Xweh et tay, meaning "yew tree".  

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