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Where does this end?

On Wed, Feb 2., a community member sent a private message encouraging others to "flood the lasqueti list"  with messages in order to "make it cumbersome" to moderate list traffic.

I have been trying to let this incident go, but seems some, at least, refuse to see this act for what it is:

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PM in hiding as Ottawa fills up with Freedom

The Truckers are doing what most of the rest of us have been too afraid to do: peacefully unite the country and show the world that our Rights and Freedoms will not be taken away.  People of all backgrounds (racial, gender, language, medical, location) have shown what love and unity will do!

Paper on COVID and culture

Of everything we've read, we've found that this paper gets to the heart of the conflict.

We'd encourage everyone to consider what it says.



David & Laura

answer to question about post office

When the vaccine mandates are lifted here in BC, does Carolyn get her job back?

Does everyone who lost their jobs because of the forced decision, get their jobs back?


Here's my response:

Mark Young's post regarding the Canada Post proposal with LLRS

Regarding Canada Post moving to the JFC:

I believe strongly in unions and what they have provided for all workers. There is a unionized job that is being eroded here and the JFC is complicit.

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