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Directive Policies from current and proposed Trust Policy Statement

Islands Trust Policy Statement  Directives Policies

from the current Policy Statement, which is at

answer to question about post office

When the vaccine mandates are lifted here in BC, does Carolyn get her job back?

Does everyone who lost their jobs because of the forced decision, get their jobs back?


Here's my response:

concern about assembly and spread

I know that most of us are careful and considerate most of the time, and these last nearly two years have given us lots of opportunity to practice. Most of us have limited our travel, and taken special care when we return home, minimizing contact with others on our way, and isolating at home until we are sure we're safe.

More well and water information

Last year I received a package of information on wells and water from the Trust office. It's all on-line. Here are the links.

Seawater intrusion challenges coastal communities 2

Here is page 2 of the document. Page 1 is located at

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