Huge Health Debate in Ottawa Friday, Feb 11 @ 12:45pm

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Updated Friday @ 10am:


Dear TBOF Members:

Two Very Exciting Announcements

1.    THIS WEEK’S LIVE WEBCAST SPECIAL:  As previously announced, our TBOF Webcast this week features a panel discussion of world class scientists and doctors, discussing both sides of the C-19 Topic.

LIVE Webcast TODAY, from the Marriott Hotel across from Parliament @ 12:45 pm (noon) – 3:15 pm.

Panel Discussion:  Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Byram Bridle have invited the most senior Health officials in Canada, including Dr. Theresa Tam and Howard Njoo from the Public Health office, as well as Dr. Shelley Deeks from NACI to an open, respectful dialogue to respectfully discuss the reason for continuation of any C-19 Mandates. 

Alexander’s challenge to the Canadian Health officials is simple… “given your claim of a health ‘emergency’, and given the urgency, on behalf of all Canadians we ask that you bring us the data or science that supports the continuation of the health emergencies and the Mandates”, adding “there is no contemporary data anywhere that supports the ‘vaccine’ mandates or any of the c-19 mandates”.   The latest data from around the world is promised to us by Alexander. 

The Canadian Health officials were invited to attend in person, or if that does not work, to attend by webcast and / or just provide the data.  

At this stage there is no indication that any one from Health Canada, will attend or provide the data.  Regardless, the panel discussion by the esteemed doctors will proceed and the latest date is devastating to those supporting Mandates. 

How to Join/ View the Panel Discussion: Click Canada Connect for live feed options.

2.    OUR OWN WORLD-WIDE TBOF TV CHANNEL: The world will be watching, starting Friday, February 11 at 7 pm ET, as TBOF .ca, in partnership with PCEN Media Inc., launches our very own ‘pay per view’ TBOF Channel to not only reach all of Canada, but around the world, 100% impervious to social media attacks. Our fees will be on the very low side of the scale, to cover costs.

PCEN has over 100 million viewers in 70+ countries.  Most importantly, PCEN is ’bullet proof’ to social media censorship and internet attacks. 

We expect it likely that social media platforms will block the Doctors Panel Discussion tomorrow…  in a big way.  If they do, it won’t matter much as we will be broadcasting the doctors panel discussion TONIGHT during Prime Time at 7:00 PM EST.  

Panel Discussion will be replaying all night for those who pay the small fee of $1.99. 

On Saturday, February 12, we will be broadcasting on our PCEN channel from Ottawa featuring the Freedom Convoy 2022 big stage events.  That starts at 1 PM ET with a variety of speakers including many of our TBOF Doctors, featuring our own Premier Brian Peckford starting at about 2:30 pm ET/ 12:30 Alberta time.

Peckford is the last living First Minister who, in 1982,  signed the Canadian Constitution, which includes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  It is historic and significant that 40 years later, in 2022, Premier Peckford is courageously, tirelessly, and passionately defending the Constitutional  Rights of Canadians.

The world needs to see what is happening in Ottawa, truly  a ‘great awakening of truth, hope and freedom’ is spreading around the world inspired by the Freedom Convoy.  TBOF and partner tv crews are in the middle of the energy and celebration of downtown Ottawa, witnessing the most historic gathering of Canadian patriots EVER.

On the TBOF Channel of the PCEN platform, you will have option to access several days events, and likely a whole month (as long as it takes) to experience high quality video footage of the big events, but also human-interest stories of beautiful and courageous people.  Help us do this and enjoy the experience. 


Basic quality, free to watch Doctors Panel Discussion starting at 12:45 pm ET. Click for live feed options.

Option to pay $1.99 USD to watch the same Doctors Panel Discussion on PCEN starting at 7pm ET with broadcast quality production and no worries of social media take down. (See below for instructions)

Option to pay $3.99 USD to watch the Doctors Panel Discussion plus live events from Ottawa including Brian Peckford’s Speech with a large amount of bonus footage to fill your hearts and minds with the message of Freedom also on PCEN (See below for instructions)

Most importantly, as you support the PCEN platform, it will help bring the Freedom Convoy message of hope and freedom, from Ottawa to the world.  


Download the PCEN App -

Or go to (for lap-top)

Look the ‘TBOF’ Channel Option

Choose one day or long-term access.

Enjoy and spread the word. 

Yours in Freedom




Good day fellow freedom lovers!

I am contacting you from the hustle and bustle of downtown Ottawa, witnessing the most historic gathering of Canadian patriots EVER.

As I've walked the streets of Ottawa, I've been in a constant state of awe and pride for my country again - and I imagine most of you might feel the same way. The Big Canadian Bear was sleeping for the past two years... but thanks to the truckers, she is now fiercely roaring on the lawn of the parliament. WE WANT OUR FREEDOMS BACK.

It has truly been transformational (with many many tears shed, and many many MANY hugs with complete strangers). Canada is Back baby!

An important peace of all this is that the truckers are totally right - the science is 100% behind them! Many doctors have been in Ottawa speaking on the hill and this Friday we are organizing a scientific forum where we have invited Dr. Theresa Tam and Howard Njoo from the Public Health office, as well as Dr. Shelley Deeks from NACI, to an open and respectful dialogue with Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Paul Alexander, and Dr. Roger Hodkinson. The press release is attached below! Feel free to share share share!!

The world will be watching and I am so pleased to announce that we will be livestreaming the event to!!

Stay tuned for 1 pm EST to witness history!

Yours in Freedom,


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You people have lost touch

You people have lost touch with reality.

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