Lasqueti HAS a history....

There is evidence of human habitation stretching back thousands of years - fortunately, we have a resident archaeolgist who has been documenting Lasqueti's  Archaeological Heritage

Elda Copley Mason published a book on it in 1976, documenting the early days of settlement and homesteading - Lasqueti Island: History and Memory

Pat Forbes also wrote an account - So You Want to Know about Lasqueti?  available at Crystals & Chamomile

The Gulf Islands Guide has a nice little article on it: www.gulfislandsguide.com/history/lasqueti.htm

Doug H. and Darlene O. recently published Accidental Eden: Hippie Days on Lasqueti Island documenting the "back-to-the-land" invasion during the 1970's and 80's.

... is there anyone who wants to take on the project of developing a Lasqueti history e-book the whole community can contribute to?