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Michael Ruge is selling "shares" in Safe Island Land Alliance based on land that he does not own

There is a good deal of misleading information contained in the promotional material for Safe Island Land Alliance, and information that is not included in the materials I have seen.

The quarter section is not owned by the promoter(s). Only a relatively small deposit has been put on it, and the balance is due in mid March. The promoter will be able to purchase the land if he makes a few sales of "shares" before the middle of March.

Not only can each 10 acre "share" not be sub-divided, the entire parcel can not be subdivided, as there is no public road, only a legal easement, to the property. People who buy in to the project will be buying a share of a corporation, and a dream or a nightmare, not a piece of property.

The principal, Michael Ruge, has  a record of less-than-trustworthy actions. If you, or anyone you know, are considering buying into the Safe Island Land Alliance, be sure to talk to a lawyer, and spend some time checking Mr. Ruge's reputation on the internet.

I have asked the BC Securities Commission whether their ban on him selling, promoting or trading shares applies to shares in property, but I have not heard from them yet.

Summary Report on the Islands Trust Public Forums: These Islands of Ours … Framing our Common Future     September 1992

Apology for the odd formatting. This was from a typewritten paper copy. If you want to see the whole report, including summaries from each island community, search the Trust web site  www.islandstrust.bc.ca  for the title as above.

4.6 Lasqueti Island

July 10, Community Hall

Attendance: 42 at sign in; 45 in circle discussion

First Nations Woodland License letter and map

Here is the text of the letter from FLNRORD to the Lasqueti Trust Committee:


report on Monday's Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting

This is my recollection and understanding of what we discussed and decided at Monday’s meeting. It’s totally unofficial.  A link to the recorded Live Stream of the meeting will be posted on the web site fairly soon.


The agenda package for the meeting is at 

February Trustee Note

If you act quickly, you have a chance to participate in the Islands 2050 consultation. It’s a lengthy process to amend the Islands Trust Policy Statement, which governs (under the Islands Trust Act and the Local Governement Act) how the Islands Trust preserves and protects the islands in the Trust Area, and allows its residents and communities to carry on, hopefully happily.

Two different Islands Trust surveys you can participate in!

Two different surveys you can participate!

Islands 2050
Help set directions for Policy Statement changes
Open: January 18th – February 5th

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Islands2050



Islands Trust Conservancy news:

The 2020 forest conservation outreach campaign focused on landholders with over five hectares of oldgrowth or mature forest on their property. Mapping identified 348 properties as meeting this criteria, with over 400 associated landholders (households). The following is a breakdown of packages mailed, by local trust area/municipality:

Non-Violent Mass Action

Interesting and encouraging  article in November 23 issue of The New Yorker, on nonviolent mass action, or strategic nonviolent conflict, or unarmed insurrection  The Anti-Coup by Andrew Marantz.


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qathet Regional District 2021 Standing Meeting Schedule

Event Date: 
Jan 12 2021 - Dec 23 2021

The meeting schedule for 2021 is available below and by visiting qathet.ca. Agendas and minutes for each meeting are available here. Notice of any schedule changes will be made available as soon as possible.

Senior Support Committee

This notice was meant to have been in Our Isle & Times.  Please share it with friends and neighbours who don't have computer or email access.


Senior Support Committee