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Trash Removal Day April 2

Event Date: 
Apr 2 2020

Trash Removal Day at the Weldon Bay Boat Ramp from 11am to 1pm.  No construction materials, renovation or demolition waste, prohibited waste, organics, recyclable material or stewardship materials. $5 per bag, $25 per truckload. Mattresses and boxsprings $15 each. Please bring exact change that can go directly into a jar. Questions? Call Waste Manager Mark at 250 240 9886 or 8601.

Shopping and deliveries

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I will no longer be shopping or doing deliveries for Lasqueti after this weekend, I am going to self isolate for 2 weeks so I can join my family . Thanks for all your encouragement and patience.


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10/04/2020 (1 week)

Changes to frieght on the ferry


Hello everyone,


 Due to the current conditions with the coranvirus we are immediately suspending all unnecessary freight on the ferry until further notice. This includes all building supplies, bulk orders other then food, mattresses, furniture etc.

We are trying to limit the amount of people coming to pick up or drop off freight.

Islands Trust news

The Islands Trust has issued the following, discouraging visitors to our islands at this time.



Pevious post on ordering groceries

I sent this to the email list late Friday. It's updated and expanded at   https://lasqueti.ca/node/6565


I've done a survey of the major Parksville  grocery stores and here's what I've been told:


Grocery order update

In my previous post, I didn't think of Qualicum, and forgot Thrifty Foods in Parksville. My apology.


We thought it best to further explain the "closure" for tomorrow's nursing clinic. The outbreak of Covid-19 is at a critical stage on Vancouver Island. It is likely shifting to community spread as opposed to travelers carrying the infection. It is critical at this time that we not only isolate from travelers but from ourselves in order to slow down the spread of the virus.

Delivery of goods to the ferry

Hey Lasquetians, 
I will be in Parksville working (or not), for the foreseeable future as this crazy pandemic unfolds. So I have decided to offer you my shopping and delivery services.  If anyone needs groceries, parts, beverages, etc put on the ferry please get in touch. I will be doing a weekly trip to Nanaimo as well for those must haves.
Call or text (text preferred) 250 818 9631 
email: plironi at gmail.com 
Contact for cost of services 
Thanks :)

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31/03/2020 (0 sec)

Regarding COVID-19

There are many sources of information on COVID-19 so I will keep it brief.

The best ways to prevent the spread of the virus is by social distancing and for thorough and frequent hand washing. Also avoid touching your face.

The Other Coast (Bob Excell)

The attached article, written by Bob Excell, appeared in the last issue of the Isle and Times.

It documents the ways in which a ferry service on the East Coast of Canada is comparable to the Lasqueti Ferry... and the ways in which it is not.