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Moderate Fire Danger Rating

Our local fire danger rating has been lowered to moderate, effective Tuesday September 15th. The 1:00pm shutdown of high risk activities will be rescinded starting Thursday September 17th. When at a moderate fire danger rating, and after the 1:00 shutdown has been rescinded, a one hour fire watch is required after completing high risk activities.

OCP Review process and bylaw complaints/enforcement

Lasqueti's planner Heather Kauer sent the trustees some information that I think might be helpful in distinguishing our OCP review from issues around bylaw compliance and enforcement. Here is what she sent us:


Roosters roosters roosters

My beautiful boys are looking for their own flock to protect. I have several 2 to 4 month old - Rhode Island Red roosters and one Rhode Island Red - Red Rock cross rooster. They are nice boys and really don't want to end up in my pot. Send me a message if you are interested :) liannethechief [at] hotmail [dot] com

Time remaining: 54%
26/09/2020 (1 week)

Consultation sought on the proposed Visual Quality Objectives for Lasqueti Island

Ministry of Forests, Lands and
Natural Resource Operations
and Rural Development
South Island Natural
Resource District
4885 Cherry Creek Road
Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 8E9
Tel: (250) 731-3000
Fax: (250) 731-3010
Mailing Address:
4885 Cherry Creek Road
Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 8E9

High Fire Danger Rating

Our local fire danger rating has been raised to HIGH. Starting Saturday, September 12th, a 1:00pm shutdown and two hour fire watch will be required for all high risk activities. 

Coastal Wildfire News 7, 8 & 9

I've fallen behind in posting these. I have no idea if nobody reads them, somebody reads them, or everybody reads them.  There is some interesting and useful information in them.


I'm looking for 40 feet of 1+1/2" (40mm) white PVC pipe. Anyone have some laying around before I go off island? timpeterson24 [at] yahoo [dot] com or 250-607-7094


Ferry Committee Report to LCA AGM August 2020

LCA Ferry Committee Report 2020

Submitted for the AGM, August 22, 2020.


During the past year, the Ferry Committee has been busy.

Moderate Fire Danger Rating

With the recent downpour our fire danger rating has been lowered to moderate. Morning shift (1:00pm shutdown of high risk activities) will continue until at least Saturday. If we remain at moderate until Saturday, early shift will be rescinded. 

I will keep the email list and Fire Safety page updated.

Be safe and fire smart.

Fire Warden Ben

applications for private docks in Scottie Bay

I do not know Scottie Bay well. My son, Isaac, has anchored his sailboat there this winter, and maybe for longer. I am trying to make a fair and reasonable decision, as one of the three trustees that make up the Lasqueti Trust Commiittee, on the future uses of Scottie Bay.