Chocolates, food and electric cars

Well, I was lucky enough to be able to take some photographs of Deb's chocolates and eat the props.  The lavendar chocolate is to die for - heads up for all those people looking to score some bonus points on Valentines Day as this is at least 150 points, per chocolate.

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Sheep Herding?

Only on Lasqueti....

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Kit Dog

KitBrigitte and I are off on a crazy adventure this weekend to find a new friend for Kaya.  As many of you know, our beloved China passed away over Christmas, and left a big hole in our hearts and our lives.  It's too much to expect a new pooch to fill that void, but we're going on a road trip this we


Lasqueti Elderberry Lane

Top of a misty mountain, Elderberry


A big thank you to our community

Keegan went  to Whistler mountain  for a race in Dec. She placed 17 overall in her age category. She has been training hard and has really enjoyed the trips she has been on. She's off to Hemlock mountain on Thurs. We are crossing our fingers for a successful trip. Thank you all again for making this a possibility for her.

Keegan McCooey

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