Flour Power...

I guess it all started when someone thumped a 20kg bag of organic whole wheat flour down and said,

"This is ridiculous, two months ago this cost $20 and now it's $40."

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Narwhals of Baffin Bay

NARWHALS hardly qualify as Lasqueti wildlife. But they're enchanting. I got to write about them for a recent issue of National Wildlife (see opening spread and link below). The photographer, Paul Nicklen, grew up in the Canadian Arctic, and I think you'll find his pictures stunning.

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Animation vs. Animator

Many thanks to Barry for passing this along.  If you've ever felt like you were dooing battle with a program, you'll get a good laugh out of this... 

Island Reflections

 An atmospheric art trip to Lasqueti ...



Firecolour Portrait of Sam Video

This is a video demonstration , of me painting a portrait of my friend Sam , a quintessential Lasquetian .

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