A big thank you to our community

Keegan went  to Whistler mountain  for a race in Dec. She placed 17 overall in her age category. She has been training hard and has really enjoyed the trips she has been on. She's off to Hemlock mountain on Thurs. We are crossing our fingers for a successful trip. Thank you all again for making this a possibility for her.

Keegan McCooey

Hurricane Betty CD'S pre-order

Hello everyone

I have been trying to get my Cd out for all to enjoy. Due to lack of work and new life in Cumberland the funds have been hard to raise.

So, I was told I should post a blog on this sight. If I sell 50 CD's pre-paid, then I will have enough to get the Cd's from the printers.

plants and fruit trees wanted

 We are restoring the large old garden here at Hidden Valley (formerly Rosemary Olson's garden). We would love to have some raspberries, grapes, a couple pear trees, and other plants to add. Contact us if you know of any for free, sale or if you have some information / history about the garden and site here.  Drop by or call - 8754.



Flour Power...

I guess it all started when someone thumped a 20kg bag of organic whole wheat flour down and said,

"This is ridiculous, two months ago this cost $20 and now it's $40."

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Narwhals of Baffin Bay

NARWHALS hardly qualify as Lasqueti wildlife. But they're enchanting. I got to write about them for a recent issue of National Wildlife (see opening spread and link below). The photographer, Paul Nicklen, grew up in the Canadian Arctic, and I think you'll find his pictures stunning.

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