A big thank you to our lovely community

I would like to thank eveyone that helped Keegan in her dream of ski racing.

Keegan made tie-dye t-shirts this summer and sold them at the market, Fireman's picnic, and at rock show. So thank you for your support. Also I would like to thank eveyone that came to our night of entertainment and those who donated to Keegan's program.

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Truth in Advertising?

Wayne dug up this ad from 1962 - irony just doesn't get any better!

Humble Oil Melts Glaciers!

Apparently, Humble Oil later merged with Standard Oil and became Exxon.

We'll leave the question of why Wayne has magazines from 1962 for another day...

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Stop Fox News North


Our lovely Prime Minister is trying to bring us a Canadian edition of Fox News, supported by cable tv fees.

He's now trying to oust the CRTC chair who is standing in his way.

Please look into this and consider signing this petition:

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Google shuts Microsoft out!

This is pretty big news.  Not terribly surprising to those of us who have had to provide support for Microsofts buggy, insecure software, but a big move and a fairly damning blow to Microsoft.

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Wa Na Bei Marimba Players

Don and Josie ran a Marimba workshop series last Fall.  The marimba music is infectious and Don and Josie are wonderful, patient instructors.  The capstone was a performance of two pieces at Grub and Groove in Dec.  Here are a few video excerpts from that performance:

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