Living Oceans Writing contest - help Sheila win a sailing trip by voting for her story - From Clear-Cuts to Conservation

I've officially entered in The Way I Sea It  Contest.

Before I get too excited about exploring the whales, dolphins and  
rainforest islands of B.C.’s coast on a sailing trip from Maple Leaf  
Adventures on August 28 to September 3, 2011… I need votes  

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Despicable Tactics

I just received a computerized telemarketing call from the "elect Stephen Hill" campaign in the Southern Interior.  Why they should call me, I haven't the faintest idea - I'd be interested to hear if others in our riding received a similar call?

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Take back democracy

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Killer Compost

Warning: Do not bring manure compost into your garden from outside sources unless you’re certain it doesn’t contain aminopyralid residues!

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Greens excluded... again!

Demand democratic debates!

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