To HST or not to HST - that's the question?

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There are lots of reasons to object to the way the HST was brought in, the lies we were told by the Fiberals, and the general lack of regard they have displayed towards the voters of BC.  But is it bad for BC??

The HST referendum is NOT an endorsement nor a condemnation of the Liberals - we'll get a chance for that in the next provincial election.  We should make our decision about the HST based on the current state of affairs, not with what we wish or what would have been good policy in the past.

I've been looking for a way to express what I've been seeing in this debate and to persuade people to vote with their head not their heart.  This short video is great start - I urge you to take a moment to watch it before casting your vote.



Joseph...I thought this vid was the most coherent presentation of the effects of the HST that has been presented so far. Thanx for posting it. If we keep throwing money at the politicians and bureaucrats will they leave us alone though. The lovely VAT is on the horizon...

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