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Campaign Information for Dave Olsen's Candidacy for Island's Trust Trustee

In case you haven't received your mail on Lasqueti and you want to read my two campaign flyers/mailers, I've posted them here.   If you have any trouble reading them, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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Islands Trust Budgets

Thank you to Peter Johnston for publicly showing us all that one specific part of the information I sent out in a recent mailer was incorrect.

Report: Community Town Hall on IT 2050

This first meeting on the 2050 Plan last month on June 18th,  was an opportunity to step outside of the Islands Trust box to speak in person within a public group without the typical rules of an official meeting for the I.T.. As there are many groups and committees on the island it has been named the Lasqueti Community Public Response Committee or L.C.P.R.C.

Response to concerned constituent re: grant-in-aid

On May 20, I requested feedback from the community regarding a donation from the qRD to the Canadian Red Cross from the Grants-in-Aid service. I appreciate all the responses, the large majority of which were supportive, which helped with the finalization of my vote at the Board decision on this donation.

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