concern about assembly and spread

I know that most of us are careful and considerate most of the time, and these last nearly two years have given us lots of opportunity to practice. Most of us have limited our travel, and taken special care when we return home, minimizing contact with others on our way, and isolating at home until we are sure we're safe.

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Why did I get vacciniated?

A vaccine-hesitant acquaintance asked why I chose to get vaccinated.  

Ferry News

Greetings Folks

Please be advised that there may be unplanned Ferry Service disruptions in the future,The emphasis is on may be.The following info.are the reasons for possible disruptions.

1. winter storms 2.outbreaks of covid 19 especially the omicron variant 3. crew off sick.

Who was 'Lasqueti', the namesake of our Island?

As a relative newcomer resident to Lasqueti Island (since 2011), I became curious about the history of the 'name' given to the island by twenty-three year old Jose Maria Narvaez, Captain of the Saturnina of the Spanish navy in 1791. There's a concrete monument to 'Lasqueti' in the Squitty Bay Park  that was installed in 1991 by memebers of the community.

Ivermectin - a brief history

In  the early1970's Satoshi Omura was a microbiologist cataloging soil samples looking at various  soil microorganisms. On a golf course south of Tokyo he                    discovered streptomyces.

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