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Article from the May issue of Our Isle and Times

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Is there anybody out there?

Just wondering if anyone is finding posts like this.  If you see this - leave a comment below.

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October Fullness (Pablo Neruda)

Little by little, and also in great leaps,

Life happened to me,

and how significant this business is.

These veins carried my blood, which I scarcely ever saw.

I breathed the air of so many places

without keeping a sample of any.

In the end, everyone is aware of this:

nobody keeps any of what he has,

and life is a borrowing of bones.

Poetry 180

Poetry 180 is the idea that one poem should be shared, at school, for every 180 days of the school year.

Mud-luscious and Puddle-wonderful

I can't resist ee cummings.  For anyone unfamiliar with his streamy, playful prose, i encourage you to google this guy. He writes of love and nature, with refreshing wit and satire. his poems, like dickinson's, are titled by first line... so this one is called, in just-


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