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Forest history update 2023


References to CDF & Fire, Logging history on Lasqueti, First Nation and settlement (Condensed history of 1862 Small pox epidemic), and 1875 Survey Analysis as of March 2022

CDF & Fire
Bains, Babita & Bruce Blackwell, 2015, Powell River Regional District Community Wildfire Protection Plan, BA Blackwell & Associates Ltd.

Condensed history of 1862 Small pox epedemic

Condensed history of 1862 Small pox epidemic:


Remember I am a forester not an archaeologist or anthropologists, but to me it was interesting and probably the reason there was no opposition to settlement on Lasqueti.


Questions to consider about forests

I have listed some questions we need to consider about our forests on their own and together (their interactions and cumulative effects) between our present forest and what were the condition of Lasqueti forests in 1850. I believe it is important to consider our goals for our forests, before we consider the ways we might reach our goals.

CDF & fire

“Pre-settlement” Wildfire information from around Lasqueti

Last edited 13 April 2021

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