work paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty

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 thank you to the incredibles who came to the work party last saturday to transform our mucky clearcut into a beautiful farm. anna the force of nature was the focussed, pro-delegator and now we have 10 beds and 21 squash mounds. now when i am having a tote bath i can look at the garden area and not be overcome with an overwhelming defeatest attitude. i am soooooooooooooo excited and grateful to everyone who helped out. it's amazing what can happen when we behave like mennonites. please invite me to your work party. 

ps. thank you to those who sent little baby plants along. i will try not to accidently kill them.

IMG_2817.JPG3.09 MB
IMG_2819.JPG2.92 MB
IMG_2823.JPG3.01 MB
IMG_2826.JPG3.08 MB
IMG_2825.JPG2.74 MB


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