Firecolour Portrait of Sam Video

This is a video demonstration , of me painting a portrait of my friend Sam , a quintessential Lasquetian .



Hi Collin...... Lasqueti calling, are you there ? My daughter wants to hire you to do two portraits for her and I believe she wants it done from pictures, Can you get a hold of me or anyone who knows how I can talk to him ? please use my e-mail address. Thanks, Kathy Fisher. kathy [at] wildwood [dot] ca

Where art thow?

Hi Collin. My name is meghan Fisher. Born and raised on Lasqueti. In discovering your beautiful work my partner (Julien) and I shared it with his family in France (through the Lasqueti site), and his mother is absolutely taken by it. Ju and I would love to commission two pieces, both portraites, if that is even an option with you. My mum also tried to contact you (for me) to no avail, so it might be that you are away. Or just that you are not interested in such work. If you do get this, I would love to just know where you're at with it, so my heart can settle down in it's dreaming, one way or another. I hope you're staying cosy in this crazy cold. We're in Nelson, but it's really cold on the coast too apparently! SO stay cosy, and lots of love. Meghan

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