Lasqueti Gets Baffled!

As part of the attention the Community Hall has been receiving these last couple of years, Ian Rusconi designed a system of baffles that will make the sound in there way better. The baffles are 4'x2' and there are about 50 of them on the walls. They needed to be covered with canvas that remained porous (eg. not painted).

Entry warrants

In response to a question on the list about what "entry warrants" are, here is what we could find. This is from

Open Burning

Let’s Talk Trash - April 2022 - Open Burning



References to CDF & Fire, Logging history on Lasqueti, First Nation and settlement (Condensed history of 1862 Small pox epidemic), and 1875 Survey Analysis as of March 2022

CDF & Fire
Bains, Babita & Bruce Blackwell, 2015, Powell River Regional District Community Wildfire Protection Plan, BA Blackwell & Associates Ltd.


No sailing today due to high winds.


Will sail tomorrow (March 15th) at 0800 False Bay

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