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The V-Star Varieties greenhouse is set to nurse lots of vegetable, herb and flower bedding plants for 2022. I use seed from Vesey’s, William Dam, Salt Spring Seeds, Adaptive (in Oregon), West Coast Seeds as well as my own V-Star Seeds. Soil is mixed with commercial blends, none of my own dirt enters the starter chain. 

Let's Talk Trash March 2022 - Grow Your Own Garden

Grow Your Own


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Disinformation Wars: where "freedom" is a weapon

Foreign governments, the mega-rich, and well-organized far-right activists are interfering in Canadian domestic politics.  Their aim?  To weaponize disaffection and frustration with pandemic restrictions to sow division, distrust, and chaos, to spread toxic disinformation, to polarize communities, and ultimately to disrupt our democratic norms.

Smart Sheep

From the globe and mail Feb. 19th 2022

Sally Coulthard lives on a smallholding in rural North Yorkshire, England, with her Soay sheep, and is the author of Follow the Flock: How Sheep Shaped Human Civilization.

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Truckers continue peaceful demonstration; Trudeau and MainStreamMedia attempt Coup d'etat; CCLA slams invocation; hacker exposed

Monday morning before Trudeau and Freeland initiated the Emergency Act, The Honourable Brian Peckford and Tamara Lich held a Press Conference in Ottawa.

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