Let's Talk Trash - Peecycling

LTT - July 2022  Peecycling


Let's TalkTrash - Making Compost

Let’s Talk Trash - June 2022 - Making Compost


Currently, it’s estimated that organic waste represents 40% of material sent to BC landfills. This is not true of Lasqueti’s waste because no organics are permitted on the trash barge. This begs the question: what are locals doing with their organic waste? 

Lithium Battery White Paper

Attached are a couple of white papers regarding lithium batteries. One is about switching from lead to lithium batteries. It contains some observations as well as some cost comparisons. The other is a somewhat detailed report on the observed prefrormance differences between lead and lithium.

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Campaign Information for Dave Olsen's Candidacy for Island's Trust Trustee

In case you haven't received your mail on Lasqueti and you want to read my two campaign flyers/mailers, I've posted them here.   If you have any trouble reading them, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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Islands Trust Budgets

Thank you to Peter Johnston for publicly showing us all that one specific part of the information I sent out in a recent mailer was incorrect.

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