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June 21 2015, the first day of PEACE

June 21 2015 is the first day of PEACE on our earth. July 21 is the second day of PEACE. August 21 is the third day of PEACE. During this three month period, governments are given the opportunity to start the process of re-allocating their military factory works and arms producing companies into fabricating new systems using new technology for peace, preserving jobs.

Love-a-lution - song about Climate Change by my dear friend Diana!

Listen to this song Love-a-lution created by my dear friend Diana Lindlay - now posted on the UN site - Paris' Convention on Climate Change.


Putting the ENglish Bay Aprll 2015 Bunker Fuel Spill into Perspective

 Putting the English Bay (Vancouver BC) April 2015 Bunker Fuel Oil Spill Into Perspective.


Call/ email about Bill C-51 while we still can

Bill C-51 - The Bill that would silence us, and move us into an era of fear, is nearing approval with the feds! This week MP's  are home, and could receive your message before they fly off to make a final decision about this. Please call or write them with your strong objection.  I've written an article with research on this Bill currently in the Powell River Peak: 


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