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Lithium Battery White Paper

Attached are a couple of white papers regarding lithium batteries. One is about switching from lead to lithium batteries. It contains some observations as well as some cost comparisons. The other is a somewhat detailed report on the observed prefrormance differences between lead and lithium.

Poor TELUS Service? The CRTC says the Lasqueti Community is blame

Like many Lasquetians our phone service has been very intermittent, we’ve had multiple outages that have lasted for weeks and in some cases months. Back in September of 2015 I started a CRTC complaint in which I stated:

French Creek Harbour News October 2015

The Harbour is hiring, there are two vacancies open for full and part time work. More information about the openings can be found www.careercentre.org search for French Creek and the posting will display. There’s a job description posted on the Harbour Office door as well.

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