Pete's Lake Water Users Society


 In 1965, the Lasqueti Land Company, in order to provide water to its members, installed pipelines and built a higher dam around Pete's Lake to raise the level of the lake and to stop the lake from overflowing onto the road during the winter months. At that point in time, the water system was operated by the Land Company.

However, on June 1, 1989, a bill of sale was formally signed by the Lasqueti Land Company and the Pete’s Lake Water Users Society which transferred to the Society all the installed parts of the water system. 

Shortly after that, the Society was granted Water Licence #72113 which gave to the Society all the pipe, tanks and distribution system previously owned by the Lasqueti Land Company. The Water Licence allows the Society to remove up to 50,000 gallons of water per day from the Lake. Pete's Lake Water Users Society has been operating now for almost three decades.


The Society presently has 75 connections for its 60 members and operates with 9 volunteer Directors. For 2018, the Directors are Don MacDonald, Doane Grinnell, Lisa Johnson, John Martin, Brian Pitt, Brennen Johnson, Neil Matheson, Jonah Spiegelman, and Richard Smith.  The Society's Treasurer is Lisa Johnson.

The Society operates under Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) Operating Permit #1310938 which includes a number of conditions imposed on the Society. The Operating Permit Conditions are shown as Attachment #1 on the right side of this page.

Emergency Response

The Society has an Emergency Response Plan in place that can be viewed by clicking on Attachment #3.  It also has an Emergency Phone Tree (at bottom of attachments list) to be used in case of any incident or emergency.

Water Quality

The Society was approached by VIHA in the spring of 2010 and told that it would have to conform to VIHA policy 3.3, Drinking Water Treatment for Surface Water, by 2018.  The Society developed a Water Quality Implementation Plan that can also be viewed by clicking on Attachment #6.

Annual Report, AGM, Policies and Maintenance and Water Conservation Tips

Attachment #8 is our Policies and Maintenance Paper and Attachment #9 gives some water conservation tips.

Attachment #10 is the minutes of the 2018 AGM. In it members can find information concerning the year's activities, financial summaries and water sampling results.