Invasive Bullfrogs?

I'm looking for info on those invasive bullfrogs that are out here. Any links, etc would be great as I'm going to do what I can to collect their egg masses and eat the adults from the swamp out front this year;)



It seems that some ponds attract bullfrogs and some don't. It would be interesting to do a survey and study of bullfrogs on Lasqueti, to see what it is that they do and/or don't like.

I have heard of ponds to which bullfrogs are attracted as the excavator is leaving and it's still full of suspended sediment. We have ponds that have never had bullfrogs, thought some are well over 20 years old. Only one bullfrog has been seen, as far as I know, on this property. It was on a trail at a very high point, with no ponds anywhere close by.

Someone a few years ago suggested that putting a bit of bright surveyors tape or something similar on a treble/tripple hook and tossing it near a bullfrog (with a line on it) was a good way to catch them.

Any pond that dries out over summer won't support bullfrogs (because the tadpoles take at least a year before they develop into adults), but there are quite a few year-round ponds that don't have bullfrogs in them. Anyone have ideas why that is?


The pond at my old place had bullfrogs for only a year, they ate all the local frogs and then disappeared. The locals have taken several years to come back-- when the pond was originally dug out, it took the smaller frogs about 3 years to migrate down from the big pond further up the watershed. Another pond I know at the north end has bullfrogs but only intermittently. One year I watched as 4 young mergansers dropped by and over the next two weeks hunted down every last one of hundreds of huge fat bullfrog tadpoles. Highly entertaining.

bullfrog information

doing a google search on "bullfrogs in BC" I got sites from the Ministry of Environment, UVic, UBC. and the Royal BC Museum:

There are another 70,096 results waiting.