Recommendation for posting on the Lasqueti web site

It is simpler and more direct and recommended, when you want to post something on the Lasqueti website, to log in to the site.  If you have not already done so, you will need to register and create an account for yourself first, but this is simple and only needs to be done once.  When you are logged in, your posting will appear immediately. If you are not logged in, it is there, but it's invisible until a moderator checks to see that it isn't spam or pornography or something else we don't want. If you're logged in you can see within seconds that it worked, and you can edit or delete it if you want. If you're not logged in, you can't.

Here's how to register and create an account:

You can read about how to create an account at:
The quick way to do it is to go to:

You will need to choose a Username. It's simplest to use your name, but not mandatory. You also need to provide your email address, which is not made public, and choose a password and repeat it to confirm it, and then provide a brief description of your connection to Lasqueti (to keep spammers and pornographers out). Then you are asked to give your real name, and have an option to indicate if you use a dial-up connection (so the site doesn't try to load your computer with photographs and other high-bandwidth stuff), and a "Captcha" question to make sure you're a human. Items with a red asterix are required to be filled in. After all this, click on the "Create new account" button at the bottom.

Here's how to log in and log out:

When you load the Lasqueti web site    you will see a "login" button at the top right corner. Click on this and enter your Username and Password. Click on the "Log In" button, and you should be logged in. You'll see your name to the left of where the "login" button was, and it's magically become a "logout" button. This is for you to log out if you've been using a friend's computer or a public computer. If you don't, some other user of the computer can edit or delete your postings, and make others for you, as you. Always Remember to log out if you are not using your own computer. It isn't enough to close the browser and shut down the computer - you need to "Log Out". There's another logout button at the end of your personal navigation menu on the left.

If you are using your own computer, you don't need to log out - it should remember you and log you in each time you connect to the Lasqueti website, as long as you do it fairly regularly. You will also have a personal navigation menu at the left hand side, to take you places you might want to go, and another logout button at the bottom.

If you need more help, or it isn't working for you, go to this page for more helpful information and how get even more if that doesn't help.