Electric golf carts

Hey now all, is there any "official" stance on Lasqueti regarding the use of electric golf carts on the roads? Just thinking it might be a good green mode of transport esp. in the summer......


Thanks for replies!


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Go-go electric golf carts!

As far as I know, golf carts were recently approved for use on "remote islands", which Lasqueti qualifies.

Check the range carefully - you'll want to get down to False Bay and back comfortably on a charge - or perhaps some solar panels on the roof so it charges itself?  Talk to Wayne Bright (not online - you'll need to find him in person!) who's done a lot of thinking about electric transport on island, and various charging schemes.  He's been toying with the idea of building a charging station in False Bay for electric bikes and vehicles.

golf carts

When I inquired about this around 6 years ago in Nanaimo (because Protection Island got them approved) I was told they would be approved only if there was no access to logging trucks. Essentially I figure they were saying that anything other than "residential" use was prohibitive, although Protection Island does have a fire truck...