Looking for a camping space for an evening

Hi There,

I just returned from a six month exploration in Ecuador, and have decided to come check out beautiful British Columbia as a place to nest for a while.  I am originally from Toronto, though looking for a more peaceful and quiet place to reside....close to the water and mountains.  :)  I am currently staying with my cousin in Qualicum Beach, and she suggested I visit Lasqueti Island; she thinks it may be my vibe.  Given the ferry schedule, I would only be able to stay a short while if I come for the day, I am wondering if anyone knows of anyone who is offering a place to stay/camp out for a night.  Finances are a factor.  I am happy to offer a massage (I am an RMT in Ontario), and/or a tarot reading as part of an exchange. 



Hi Ashley, My family ended up

Hi Ashley,
My family ended up on Lasqueti in a similar way many years ago, Someone was nice enough to lend us a truck and the rest is history. Your welcome to come camp out for a night or two, I live fairly close to false bay, and have a bike you could use to get around on. I live with two other people, we are all in our twenties and could probably offer a bit of insight as to life on the island. For timely communications you might want to shoot me an email at islandsam [at] hotmail [dot] com


place to stay

Hi, Have available guest room (in an airstream), mid-island. Vehicle heading north (and/or south) daily, no problem picking you up. Boat going frequently to Fr. Creek also. Been around here 36 years or so, might know useful stuff. Would certainly appreciate a massage (have a massage table in said RV), as finances are a factor in getting those(!) Rosalind and Miguel at rosalind [at] lasqueti [dot] ca , or 250-333-8532

place to stay

Great massages, fun company. Thanks Ashley.