sqwatting problems????

Stuck in expensive parksville hopping to settle on the island and wounder how  much do the trust people hassul sqwatters?? or has someone got a cheap cabin for a senior that I can call home????

not cheap...

with no hydro grid or public transport, and $20 round trip over open water between you and everything you need, island life doesn't come cheap.

Been living off the grid for

Been living off the grid for a longtime with solar panels on my camper and really miss a wood stove and the comfort of a small cabin.Would love to find something I could use & fix up to live in.Can anyone help or advise???? Thanks

Advise...What do you have to offer:

This is a small community where many people produce more than they need so there's usually more than enough. This is our local safety net and occasionally we end up with people who try to live on it, like lice.What do you have to offer? What are your skill sets/abilities? What do you have to offer someone to allow them to permit you to live on their property? We're not short of alcoholics, dopers, and party animals, matter of fact we're fairly well stocked. If you're looking for a bolt hole you sound like you're already cross threaded 'cause the nuts here aren't Imperial or Metric. Suggest you visit the place B4 you spend the $400 to end up where you don't want to be.

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Could not have said that better

thanks cohochum - that is so crystal clear.