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Electronic & In-Person Meetings and Community Involvement & Participation

Electronic and In-Person Meetings and Community Involvement and Participation

The Lasqueti Trust Committee canceled our regular meeting scheduled for December 6 and decided to hold a special meeting instead. Special meetings can be held electronically.

The special meeting has only three agenda items:

Centurion 7 lunch break and evening vessel lock-up reminder.


Just a friendly reminder that the ferry is locked and access is not permitted during the crew's lunch break at French Creek between noon and 2pm, after 7pm while berthed in False Bay or any other times the vessel is at not under the supervision of a crewmember.


The Ferry Crew.



Water licenses

Do you need to register your well or apply for a water license? Here's what you need to know. Domestic users do not need licenses. Definition of domestic use  included below.


Festival of What Works

The Festival of What Works is a unique, days-long, online celebration of community-led approaches to living well in place here in Salmon Nation—from the northern California coast to the slopes of Alaska and between. We spotlight who and what you need to know to build a bioregion where people, culture and nature all thrive.

November 2 - 7

Temporary Home for Marti

Marti Wendt lost her house Friday to a fire. One of the challenging things will be finding her a place to live on-island while she rebuilds. Eventually, she will be wanting to replenish things like seeds and recipes, but please put on your thinking caps and let's find her a temporary home first. Ideally we can present her with a couple of options to choose from.