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Hi everyone,

Email list

Hi everyone,

LCA OCP Review - Notes from Forum #2 - Resource Stewardship/Heritage and Archeology Stewardship

Notes from the Community Forum on Resource Stewardship/Heritage & Archeology Stewardship are now posted at


How the Islands Trust iis Organized

from pages 34 & 35 of Protecting the Coastal Douglas-fir Zone & Associated Ecosystems – An Islands Trust Toolkit        http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/346674/cdf-toolkit-final-web.pdf

Appendix 1:  Legislative and  Governance Context

The Islands Trust is governed by the Islands Trust Act (ITA) which:

Carrying capacity

This is a letter from environmental/ecological economist Shelagh Huston, that arose out of discussions initiated by the Sustainable Gabriola group.

Phone Dead

Hi all.

I just arrived back on the Rock to find my phone dead and cell service here is spotty at best so the way to contact me is email richard [at] thefudgery [dot] com 

Old tech I know but it seems to work thanks to Larry for keeping the LIAS system up and running



Another view on the Venezuela situation: