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Nurse Away

Event Date: 
Aug 22 2019 - 11:00am - 3:00pm
Event Date: 
Aug 29 2019 - 11:00am - 3:00pm

Just a reminder...The nurse will not be in clinic on August the 22nd and 29th. Back in clinic on September 5th!

HIGH Fire Rating

Our Fire Hazard Rating has been increased to HIGH. As of August 18th, high risk activity restrictions will be in place. This means that the shutdown time for all high risk activities is 1:00 from Sunday on, followed by a two hour fire watch.

Lasqueti Day

Just a reminder that Lasqueti Day Parade and Silly Boat Race is next Saturday, August 24th. So, get building your boat or float, and ready your finery for riding, walking, or biking in the Parade. Parade muster is at noon at T-Pot corner. Silly Boat Race starts at 2 from the boat ramp. Need more info? timpeterson24 [at] yahoo [dot] com or 250-607-7094

Community Connection - FOLKLIFE Magazine Inquiry

We're starting up a new magazine!

FOLKLIFE is a biannual print magazine inspired by the slow, sustainable, and artistic intentional living on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. With its beautiful, minimalist design, poetic editorial, and vibrant photography, readers trust FOLKLIFE to be a window into the salty wild, showcasing art and agriculture, business and creativity, food and farming, and dwellings and nature. Each issue explores one theme through engaging interviews, stories, photographs, recipes, and artwork, celebrating and connecting those living simply and as an art form.

I am based on Gabriola Island and aim for the magazine to have a great balance of all gulf island content, and therefore would like to familiarize myself with not only Lasqueti, but the people on the island who have good contacts, insight, and information on the fabulous things going on. This could include story ideas, writers, photographers, and anyone else that might be a good fit for insight into the project.

Check out the landing page: folklifemag.ca

If you're in the know on all things Lasqueti or have an interest in being involved, please let me know! info [at] folklifemag [dot] ca


Warm regards,

Alina Cerminara


Time remaining: 72%
28/08/2019 (1 week)

Yoga and Qi Gong Week in October!

Event Date: 
Oct 10 2019 - Oct 14 2019

Kundalini Yoga and Qi Gong Week - October 10th - 14th, 2019, The Arts Centre 

Aronia Berries - Elderberry Lane Farm

Aronia Berries - Elderberry Lane Farm Order Now - Aronia Berries $6 per pound available in 10 pound freezer ready bags Aronia juice has very high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, much higher than cranberry juice, with beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins. The berries have multiple the antioxidant power of other fruits including grapes, elderberries, and blueberries. They are delicious in trail mix, jarred or jammed and easy to use - pop in the freezer whole and raw and enjoy healthy shakes, porridge and breakfast smoothies well into cold and flu season. See more about Aronias at our Lasqueti marketplace link where health studies and indications are posted. http://www.lasqueti.ca/node/4576 Order by emailing us at elderberrylanefarm [at] lasqueti [dot] ca or call (250) 333-8536. Thank you from Aileen and Zbigniew

Time remaining: 26%
21/08/2019 (3 days)

Roots, Birthday Bash, and Ferries

Just a reminder that the Roots Roundup/1969'ers Birthday Bash is this Friday at the hall. Ferries to Lasqueti Friday, and leaving Saturday may be extra busy as a result. Advance apologies for any inconvenience.

Moderate Fire Danger Rating

Our local Fire Danger Rating has been lowered to MODERATE. Morning shift followed by a two hour fire watch for high risk activities is still in effect. If we remain at moderate, high risk activity restrictions will be lifted on Sunday, August 4th. Expect the rating to go back to High fairly quickly.


Fire Warden Ben

Walking Drum

Richard's snare drum seems to have been borrowed from the hotel...it's neither fancy nor expensive, but it really is an essential for the drum kit. Return much appreciated.