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Ferry Notice No sailings May 13th 2021

Event Date: 
May 13 2021



 On May 13th 2021 all sailings for the day will be cancelled due to Transport Canada inspection 


Sailings will resume on May 14th as scheduled 


If you know someone who wants to get vaccinated, but doesn't have a phone, you can register for them.
You'll need their name and date of birth, and preferably their Care Card#, but it is not essential.
Expect wait times of 15-45 minutes. 

letter from Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nation

Here is the text of a letter I received today by email.

Nanoose Economic Development Master LP
209 Mallard Way, Lantzville, B.C. V0R2H0
P 250-390-3661
March 9, 2021
Peter Johnston
Islands Trust
VIA EMAIL: pjohnston [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca

Dear Mr. Johnston,

Safe Island Land Alliance | An Open Letter to Lasqueti Island Residents

Michael Ruge, Community Coordinator
Safe Island Land Alliance, Oben Road
Lasqueti Island, BC,   V0R 2J0
Email: community [at] safeisland [dot] ca

March 6, 2021

Re: An open letter to the residents of Lasqueti Island

Dear Neighbours:

Truth Precedes Reconciliation

Parts 1;1 and 2.1 from The Islands Trust Object:  Past, Present, and Future
Policy Statement Amendment Project  Discussion Paper

Lasqueti Crown Land and the First Nations Woodland Licence


The news that Crown land on Lasqueti will be part of a First Nations Woodland Licence (FNWL) has started me thinking about BC’s colonial history and the need for reconciliation with Indigenous people. Here are a few thoughts I’d like to share.

RCMP tires

Hi everyone,

I spoke to Cpl. Jesse Foreman at the Oceanside RCMP today. He thanks the community for the willingness to donate towards tire replacement, but says it isn't necessary, and just hopes it won't happen again.

Michael Ruge is selling "shares" in Safe Island Land Alliance based on land that he does not own

There is a good deal of misleading information contained in the promotional material for Safe Island Land Alliance, and information that is not included in the materials I have seen.

The quarter section is not owned by the promoter(s). Only a relatively small deposit has been put on it, and the balance is due in mid March. The promoter will be able to purchase the land if he makes a few sales of "shares" before the middle of March.

Not only can each 10 acre "share" not be sub-divided, the entire parcel can not be subdivided, as there is no public road, only a legal easement, to the property. People who buy in to the project will be buying a share of a corporation, and a dream or a nightmare, not a piece of property.

The principal, Michael Ruge, has  a record of less-than-trustworthy actions. If you, or anyone you know, are considering buying into the Safe Island Land Alliance, be sure to talk to a lawyer, and spend some time checking Mr. Ruge's reputation on the internet.

I have asked the BC Securities Commission whether their ban on him selling, promoting or trading shares applies to shares in property, but I have not heard from them yet.

Summary Report on the Islands Trust Public Forums: These Islands of Ours … Framing our Common Future     September 1992

Apology for the odd formatting. This was from a typewritten paper copy. If you want to see the whole report, including summaries from each island community, search the Trust web site  www.islandstrust.bc.ca  for the title as above.

4.6 Lasqueti Island

July 10, Community Hall

Attendance: 42 at sign in; 45 in circle discussion

First Nations Woodland License letter and map

Here is the text of the letter from FLNRORD to the Lasqueti Trust Committee: