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MP/MLA info

I have been in contact with our MP Gord Johns and MLA Michelle Stilwell, expressing some concerns around essential services. While the Provinces are taking the lead role in terms of response, both Johns and Stilwell are taking note and are aware of our unique situation here. 

Burning today.

Just a quick PSA so one one is unduly worried. I am lighting my stump pile up today, Dump Road area. I have my permit, good until April 15. Adjacent pond is full of water, pump is primed, venting index looks good. It will likely take 2-3 days for the bulk of it to burn. Stay safe out there! Tim Peterson 250-607-7094

Mental Health Services on Lasqueti

Due to the pandemic and the required closure of the JFC the mental health counselor and registered nurse Dan Clark, will be unable, at this time to continue his monthly visits to the JFC on Lasqueti. He remains available for phone consultation and can be reached at 250-730-0662.


The Nursing Clinic located at the Judith Fisher Health Center remains closed due to the pandemic. I am missing coming over to my "post" at the JFC however I remain available for phone consultation at 250-240-5712. Arrangement for individual visits can be made through calling me or your local family doctors clinic.


While I know that Facebook is a business and an amoral entity, it has its uses. There are 5 Lasqueti pages that I am aware of, and while it would be great to have a non commercial local service, I wonder how much work and expense it would entail to set up and operate a similarly user friendly service for local use.

Changes to frieght on the ferry


Hello everyone,


 Due to the current conditions with the coranvirus we are immediately suspending all unnecessary freight on the ferry until further notice. This includes all building supplies, bulk orders other then food, mattresses, furniture etc.

We are trying to limit the amount of people coming to pick up or drop off freight.

Islands Trust news

The Islands Trust has issued the following, discouraging visitors to our islands at this time.



Pevious post on ordering groceries

I sent this to the email list late Friday. It's updated and expanded at   https://lasqueti.ca/node/6565


I've done a survey of the major Parksville  grocery stores and here's what I've been told:


Grocery order update

In my previous post, I didn't think of Qualicum, and forgot Thrifty Foods in Parksville. My apology.


We thought it best to further explain the "closure" for tomorrow's nursing clinic. The outbreak of Covid-19 is at a critical stage on Vancouver Island. It is likely shifting to community spread as opposed to travelers carrying the infection. It is critical at this time that we not only isolate from travelers but from ourselves in order to slow down the spread of the virus.