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from an EPA BurnWise tipsheet

Burn the right wood, the right way, in the right appliance

By changing the way you burn wood, you can save money, reduce air pollution and protect your (and your neighbours') health.

Here are a few simple tips to make your fire burn hotter, keep your wallet fatter and keep your local air cleaner and healthier.

Coastal Wildfire News June 19

Attachment is the June 19 issue of the Coastal Wildfire News.

Burn Ban Rescinded

The Coastal Fire Center has rescinded the burn ban, effective Friday June 19 at noon. All open fires will again be permitted. This rescind means that campfires, Category 2 and 3 open fires and Resource Management Burning are permitted everywhere in the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdictional area. 

Starting June 18 all passangers must have a mask on runs over 20 people




 Due to an update on covid19 BC Ferries has added that any run over 20 people all passangers must wear a mask or they will be denied crossing. 

Darcy has provided the ferry with masks for those that don't have one 


 Thank for your cooperation 

Firesmart Gulf Islands sessions

"Are you concerned about the impacts of climate change and wildfire in the Gulf Islands? Do you want to learn new tools to mitigate climate change and adapt to our shifting world?


Does anyone have some canvas 3-4'x2+' to get rid of? Thinking about fixing up some heavy metal chairs for outdoor seating. Need two pieces. timpeterson24 [at] yahoo [dot] com or 250-607-7094

Coastal Wildfire News

Attached is the Coastal Wildfire News for 5 June

Coastal Wildfire News #2, May 22

This issue features articles on the science of putting out a fire, and a campfire, and reducing fuels to reduce the intensity of a fire, and what a homowner can do to reduce the intensity of a fire near their place.