Getting the most from the Discussion Forum

More than just Text Messages!

The forums are a flexible and powerful tool for communicating with your community.   Here are some features that will help you get the most out of this tool.

Using the Rich Text Editor:

  • The message body can be edited in plain text, or with formatting.
  • The editor you see will depend on your user "role". (You may be able to select your default editor on your user profile page)
  • You will have more permissions to post a wider variety of formats if you are logged in to the site!

Attaching Files and Images:

  • If you have permission, you will be able to upload images and files to a personal file folder on the website.
  • You can include images right in your post by simply using the "insert image" button to Browse for an image on your computer, and Upload it to the website.
  • You can also attach any type of document to your message - use the "File Attachments" option just below the message body.  Again, Browse for the file on your computer, then Attach

Private Discussions:

  • Want to keep your discussions limited to a specific group of people?
  • Want to share documents, minutes, agendas, within a committee, but more tightly control public communications?

Simply make a request for a private forum.  Provide a list of the people who should be allowed to contribute to and read the forum (all must have accounts on