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How-to find what you're looking for

Finding what you're looking for shouldn't be a chore, but it's a real challenge to organise all of the information relevant to our community so that everything is at your fingertips!  Fortunately, provides a suite of tools to help.

Site Navigation

  • The site is super "hyper-linked" - related content is linked together wherever possible, so there are lots and lots of ways to get to the same piece of content.  The basic rule is:  If its Blue, you can Click Thru!
  • Site pages are primarily organized on a set of tabs, located along the top-right of each page.  These provide access to the main themes of the website.   On each tab you'll find a set of pages related to the tab's "theme". 
  • You can also access content using the "Quick Links" menu in the left side-bar.  These links provide quick access to some of the most used features of the site.  Each Quick Link will lead you to a "book" of related articles, or to a tool, like the Photo Browser or Message Board.  If there is something missing - let the webmaster know (Contact)
  • When you are logged in, you will also see your own "Personal Navigation Menu".  This menu gives you access to the features reserved for community members.  It also provides access to your account and all the content you have posted or manage on the site.
  • As you browse around the site, context-sensitive menus will appear at the top of the left sidebar.  These will provide extra options and navigation links to provide quick assess to pages in that area of the site.
  • Most of the "Blocks" in the right sidebar provide links to new or relevant content, often related to what you are viewing on the current page.  The Front Page blocks provide quick access to most of the new posts on the site.
  • If you're feeling adventurous, try using the Search Bar in the top-right corner.

In these articles you'll find more detailed information about how to find out what's new on the site and how to get automatic e-mails whenever something is posted on the site that is of interest to you!

Articles needed for this How-To:

  • Find new stuff - Recent Posts
  • Subscriptions - get updates by e-mail