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How-to access advanced features uses a sophisticated access control system to grant privileges to each user.  This is the primary reason you need to log in to the site - so you can be granted the right access privileges.

  • For example, anyone can read the content on the site, but we only allow "Authenticated Users" to post and edit content.  This keeps "spammers" and other nuisance postings off the site.  You are automatically Authenticated" when you log in.

The site administrator can change your "role" to grant you additional privileges. 

  • For example, a "Trusted User" is allowed to upload photos to the photo galleries on the site.  It's not that other users are not trustworthy, it's just that the ability to upload an image could potentially be used to deface or damage the site, so this ability is not granted unless requested.

The articles in this How-to will explain how you get access to the features you want....

Articles needed for this How-To:

  • Become a "Trusted User"
  • Become a site "Contributor"
  • Get you own page on