How To: Log in

Note: This article is about logging it to this website - if you are trying to access the
          Lasqueti Wireless Internet Connection, please see

-> Wondering?   Why might you want to log-in?

-> Need an account?   How To: Create an Account.

-> How do you know if you are logged in?  If there is a menu in the left sidebar with your user name on it, you are logged in.  If there is a "Login" tab in the top-right corner, you are not logged in - mouse-over "Login" to expand login box.

-> Getting wierd behaviour?  Please update your browser to the latest version, or....  get FireFox : it's just better. Try the advice below, then Contact the webmaster - please report your browser version and describe the issue - thanks!!!  You're help finding bugs is much appreciated.

-> Got an account and having trouble?  Try ...

  • You must enable cookies remembers you by placing a small "cookie" on your computer with a unique code use to ensure security during your session.  Make sure your browser will allow cookies from
    FireFox: Tools...Options...Privacy - "Accept Cookies from Sites"  (or at least allow cookies from if you want them blocked otherwise); 
    IE: Tools... Internet Options... Privacy - Medium is a good setting here; or add as a trusted site under Security.    Of course, you can use the site without, but no cookie, no login.
  • Try clearing your browsers cache.
    This is always the first thing to try if your browser's not doing what you expect.  
    FireFox this is under Tools...Clear Private Data. Clear at least the cache, cookies, and sessions. 
    IE, try Tools...Internet Options... Delete Cookies and Delete Files.
  • Refresh the page.
    You can tell your browser to "start over" - this often clears up problems.  
    FireFox this is under View...Reload
    IE, try View...Refresh.
  • Enable JavaScript in your browser.
    Most or all features of the site "degrade gracefully" and the site can be used without.  However, JavaScript provides all of the "client-side" usability improvements that make a better browsing experience - I'd recommend you enable it, there's no real reason not to.
    FireFox: Tools...Options...Content... "Enable JavaScript"; 
    IE: add to your "trusted zone"?

Still can't get in?  Please use the "Contact" link on the Quick Links menu to contact webmaster - carefully describe the problem you are having.