Upload photos

Share your favorite photos of our island community!

Posting photos is easy, using tools right here on the website;

  • Photos are uploaded directly from your PC;
  • Every photo you upload is automatically added to your own personal photo album;
  • Photos can also be added to other photo galleries on the site.
  • Only "trusted users" are allowed to upload photos (- see How-To: Get More articles).

Step-by-Step : Post a Photo to the website:

  1. The photo should be on your PC (ensure you know where the file is!)
  2. Log-in to lasqueti.ca (you can only post content if you are logged in)
  3. Select ->Post to Website... from your personal menu (- see How-To Navigate Site articles).

    • select ->Photo from the sub-menu
  4. Enter a meaningful Title for your photo - the title appears with the photo whenever it is displayed.
  5. From the list of "official" Photo Subjects, this will determine in which galleries your photo will appear.
    You can include your photo in multiple galleries by holding the CTRL key while selecting.
  6. Optionally, you can add Other Subjects to the photo by simply typing them in (see below)
  7. Upload the Image file from your PC...

    • choose the "Browse" button...
    • select the image file from you PC, press Open or OK.
    • you should see the path to your photo on your PC
    • press the upload button - you should see a small version of your photo
    • Add a title with information about the photo - shown when user puts the mouse over the image.
  8. Tick the "Display on Front Page" box if the photo is suitable for display on the front page (see below).
  9. Enter a Description of the photo - this could be a story about the picture, details about its photographer, date take, or location, etc.  Anything you'd like to share about the photo really.
    This information will appear when someone views the photo details.
  10. If you manage a page on the site with a "mini-gallery", you will see a drop-down list labelled "For more information, please see..." - select your page from the drop-down list to attach this photo to the page's mini-gallery.
  11. Choose "Preview" if you'd like to review how your post will look on the site before submitting it.
    Choose "Submit" to post your image to the site.

When you view the details of any of your own photos, you'll see that the page has "View" and "Edit" tabs.  The View tab shows you what others will see when they look at your photo's details page.  The Edit tab allows you to go back and change ANY of the information you entered above, or even delete the post to remove it from the site completely.  You can ALWAYS edit your own posts on lasqueti.ca.  So relax - mistakes happen, and you can fix them!

Guidelines for Photos on lasqueti.ca

Photos posted on the website are very public - please keep in mind that this site reflects on our community to the wider world.

Photo Galleries

  • A "gallery" is really just a collection of photos "tagged" as belonging to a particular category.
  • Please try to categorise your photos carefully - when a user looks through a gallery of "Wildlife", they don't want to see photos of your friends out on a binge!
  • The site provides a set of "official" categories, representing subjects to be of likely interest to Lasquetians.
  • You can create your own categories (and thus your own custom photo albums) by entering terms in the "Other Subjects" field.  Simply use the same term to add other photos to the same gallery.
  • Once you have added a new category, the gallery is automatically added to the site and any photos "tagged" with this term will show up there.  In addition, other users can now post photos to your new gallery by simply entering the same term!

Display on Front Page

  • Exceptional photos may be displayed on the front page of lasqueti.ca (in one of the photo blocks there)
  • Since these photos show up on the front page of the site, this option should be reserved only for your very best work.
  • The "offical" Photo Gallery tags are used to place the photo in an appropriate block - you must choose a least one of these galleries for the image to be selected
  • Although you should tag your best photos for "display on front page", they will not neccessarily show up there immediately.  The webmaster uses a number of criteria to decide which photos actually get displayed at any given time. But you can be assured, photos not tagged for display on front page will never be displayed there.

General criteria for suitable photos:

  • Photos should be of general relevance and interest to the Lasqueti community.
  • Photos should be high-quality - show off your best work.
  • No offensive, pornographic, abusive, or other inappropriate materials please.
  • Photos can be of any size or resolution, although they will be automatically re-scaled if they are larger than the maximum size suitable for use on the website.
  • Thumbnails (small versions) will be created automatically.
  • Any photos not meeting these criteria may be removed from the website.

Failure to follow these guidelines or repeated abuse of the system will result in "trusted user" privileges being revoked.