Music lessons, etc. Advice for a newbie.

Hello All,

I am brand new here so I'm not sure if i'm posting to the best forum:  questions and advice seemed most appropriate.  I am looking at possibly relocating to Lasqueti Island within the next year and am looking for any helpful info./advice current residents are willing to share.  I need to get away from the pressure of the daily grind before I go any crazier:)

I have a son who will be 9 in May and an 8 month old daughter and am interested to know some of the pros/cons to raising little people on the island.  I am hoping that there is someone who could provide music lessons for my son.  He has been playing the piano for almost 3 years now and would love to continue his piano lessons.  He also wants to learn to play the fiddle in the next few years.  (Once he is more fluid at the piano...he's a sensible one!)  If there is someone out there who would be willing to help me out on the music lesson score, please let me know.  It is a big consideration at this point as my boyo would be lost without his music.

I have been searching the Lasqueti Island site and I have been able to answer a lot of my own questions that way.  I am, however, always interested in the inside scoop.  If anyone has info on real estate, island life, etc., I would be very interested and grateful for your help.



Hi Amy

hopefully others will chime in, although we don't have much of an online discussion culture here, since we see eachother a lot face-to-face.

Music is a big part of life here and there are lots of musicians.  I can't say specifically about lessons on a particular insturment, but certainly a strong musical cultural and lots of people learning and teaching music on island.

My best advice if you are serious about Lasqueti is to come here and visit for at least a few weeks.  There are WWOOF hosts and couch surfer folks, so its not too hard.   Lasqueti is very very different, and its easy to romanticize until you've lived it for a while.

best wishes.


Ooh, thats a good thing.  My hubby and I were considering a short visit in the next little bit and then, hopefully, a longer one in May or June.  If anyone is able to suggest/offer cheap accomodation we would be very happy to chat more!  We like to barter as well!  We are able to exchange work for a place to stay for a few days+.  We are actually talking about visiting as soon as spring break.  (The third week of March)  If anyone is interested, let us know.