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Welcome to the Home of the LCA's Official Community Plan Review Steering Committee.

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The existing Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw for Lasqueti can be found here

Our goal is to clarify the community's shared interests as Objectives for the new version of our Official Community Plan which guides and limits local government (including Islands Trust and qathet RD).  Our process has been to review the objectives in the existing OCP as well as new objectives collected from the community at community forums focussed on different topics:

Environmental Stewardship & Climate Change (Nov 2018)

Resource Stewardship (February 2019)

Community Services (April 2019)

Community Stewardship (June 2019)

Land Use (Aug 2019, to be continued Saturday September 28th 2-5pm at the hall, where we will finish up discussing the remaining 7 objectives on Residential Land Use:

Current Objectives from Existing OCP-

To ensure that creation of land parcels are capable of having sustainable living units on which there can be a variety of possible lifestyles

To maintain existing patterns of low density land use and sustainable self- sufficient lifestyle.

To support the establishment of low scale, low intensity home based enterprises.

To support the establishment of affordable housing, special needs housing and providing the opportunity of Island seniors to remain in the community.

To ensure residential development is self-sufficient in terms of freshwater and sewage disposal.

Proposed Objectives -

To support alternative housing arrangements, such as co-op housing or cluster housing, in a way that retains rural values.

To support long-term housing rental

(see also forum #6 printable pdf below)


Input collected at each forum then goes to a sub-committee tasked with wording an edited set of objectives for that topic.  Contact us if you're interested in joining a sub-committee.  There is still time to join the Community Stewardship, Land Use and Vision Statement sub committees.

Forum slideshows and notes can be found below.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

We would love to hear your input, interests, ideas, opinions etc.  Please email us!  ocp [at] lasqueti [dot] ca


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