Canada committed to wellbeing?

I was surprised to read in the Guardian Weekly, in article saying that the now-opposition Labour party, likely to become UK government soon, could lead the world in policies based on wellbeing, that "Countries including New Zealand, Canada and Finland have committed to being wellbeing governments" ..."

I have written to our prime minister, and our MP, expressing my surprise and my delight if this is true and correct, and asking for details of how and when this would be developed and introduced.

It seems to me that it will be a great boon to nearly everyone to have a new measure in addition to, or maybe instead of, the current reliance on maximum predicted growth of the economy. It hasn't made many people happier to see rich people becoming richer.

You can read the article from the Guardian at this link:

You might also be interested in looking at the World Happiness Report. Information available at

By the way, Bhutan has been using happiness as their guiding principle for years.



It's intriguing how they use

It's intriguing how they use the term "wellbeing" as if it's some tangible quantity you can calculate with a formula.

"how policy can be measured for wellbeing effect in each government department"
I'm really itching to see how they're planning to pull this off, because right now, it looks like nothing more than a political charm offensive.

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