Disinformation Wars: where "freedom" is a weapon

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Foreign governments, the mega-rich, and well-organized far-right activists are interfering in Canadian domestic politics.  Their aim?  To weaponize disaffection and frustration with pandemic restrictions to sow division, distrust, and chaos, to spread toxic disinformation, to polarize communities, and ultimately to disrupt our democratic norms.

The two articles below are both from highly-regarded independent investigative journalists.  What they reveal is deeply alarming for anyone concerned with Canadian sovereignty and egalitarian democracy.


Oath Keepers, Anti-Democracy Activists, and Others on the Far Right Are Funding Canada’s “Freedom Convoy”


* The Intercept is a highly-respected independent news organization "dedicated to holding the powerful accountable through fearless, adversarial journalism"


A Convoy Revved by Foreign Actors Spreading Lies


* The Tyee is an independent, non-profit BC news magazine, "devoted to fact-driven stories, reporting and analysis that informs democratic conversation"



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Sources for the information above

The hyperbole is getting more extreme, as are the sources of "information"

The Intercept is "billionaire-funded" that decimated its "research team" in March of 2019. Not even close to as advertised above:

I wrote for the Tyee before it became Canadian Government funded. The Tyee is anything but independent.
The Tyee received $360,469 just before the last election in 2021...for a shoestring online publication, that's a very influential chunk of change.

Wonder if you even read these articles?

The cjr article cited by bike is critical of The Intercept, but neither article questions the journalistic integrity of either source. In fact, here's a quote from the cjr article, re: The Intercept:
"the straight reporting often was and is top-notch."

And neither article even mentions the Tyee, so that seems like a red herring?

Is it possible bike is more interested in smearing the integrity of independent journalists whose stories don't agree with his own narrative than facing the facts presented in the original reporting?

I agree the hyperbole is a little much, but the data presented in the original articles posted by joseph speak for themselves. bike presents nothing here to indicate there's any flaw in that reporting.

BTW if you think $360K buys you influence in a news magazine like the Tyee, you really have no idea what it takes to run an organization of that size.

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Since we're fact-checking sources...

seems an odd choice to cite rebelnews, of all sources, to discredit another media outlet? But hey, each to their own. I'll stick with the Tyee, thanks anyhow.

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