Cedric Hawkshaw


Words alone cannot express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the service that our Dad, Grandpa and Uncle, Cedric Hawkshaw, was honoured with on Thursday, October 30th, 2008 at the Lasqueti Island Church, Cemetery and Community Hall. We realized on that day why it was so important to Dad that he returned home to Lasqueti Island. Your Lasqueti Island community spirit is something that many of us from the mainland have not had the pleasure of knowing. To have participated in the burial of our Dad is an honour that we will never forget.  Special thanks to all of you who: Found a beautiful, peaceful spot for our Dad at the Cemetery - Worked so hard to dig and prepare this beautiful site for our Dad - Provided the beautiful flowers - Decorated the pier, truck, Church and Community Centre - Provided and drove the truck that carried Dad - Provided the vehicles and drove our family members to the Church, Cemetery, Community Centre and back to the Ferry - Gave tribute to Dad - Provided a wonderful pot luck lunch at the Community Centre - Participated in the clean-up of the buildings we used - Provided the wood and lit the fires that kept us warm - Provided and lit the candles around Dad’s pictures - Gave your time to honour our Dad - We are truly overwhelmed by all of your work, help, kind words, stories and especially for being there for our dear Dad. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The families of Merton “Cedric” Parry Hawkshaw



Cedric's family

It was a pleasure having you all here! That you all trooped up here in the weather  to honour Cedrics wish to return home to his community, was wonderful for us also. It was great to have Cedric return home and it was our pleasure to do whatever little thing we could to help make it the occasion that it was. It was a very "Cedric" kind of day, and it felt really good.

Thanks for coming, come again when the weather is a little prettier!

All the best, Laurence


Thank you, Laurence!

 It is hard to believe that the Island could be any more beautiful than it was!  We hope to return during the sunny time of the year.  Thanks again!


salute to Cedric

Cedric would have loved  it all.  The decoration of the pier was a really nice touch, even those of us who didn't make it to the ceremonies were reminded on our return to the island that evening of Cedric and his appreciation of anything formal.  He was a trouper and well deserved a little pomp and circumstance.  From Rosalind, who he visited on Bull Island probably 20 years ago, delighted at having received a "proper invitation" in the mail.

Hi to Rosalind!

You are right; Dad would have loved it!  Thank you so much for your salute!


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