Service disruptions and restrictions (ferry, medical, school, recycling, etc.)

We are doing our best to keep this information on disruptions or changes to local services up to date. If something has changed, please contact Andrew Fall.


NEW: As of March 26 (updated April 7):

  • Maximum capacity: 20
  • Essential travel only (no recreational travel)
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet)
  • No non-essential freight (no building supplies, furniture, etc.). Essential freight includes food and medicine.
  • Do not board ferry to unload freight - the crew will unload freight to dock

Ferry travel: clarification and etiquette
March 29

It is important for us to work cooperatively to adapt to the ferry service changes. This note has two parts: Part 1 summarizes and clarifies the current requirements; Part 2 suggests some appropriate passenger etiquette.



On March 26, the Province defined “essential services” in the context of COVID-19.

Essential services should and are encouraged to remain open. They must, however, follow the orders and guidance provided by the Public Health Officer to ensure safe operations and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

This includes the ferry service. One consequence of following 2m physical distancing is it reduces the maximum number of passengers (max. capacity is currently 20).


On March 26, the Province also issued several Ministerial Orders to support COVID-19 response, one of which affects our ferry service by stating:

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. and all other ferry operators within the Province which carry both vehicles and passengers must implement all procedures necessary to ensure priority loading on ferries for the following:
(a) vehicles carrying essential goods and supplies;
(b) residents of ferry sailing destinations

This means priority for travel by people providing essential services and residents, and essential goods and supplies (e.g. food, medicine).

Although the order does not prohibit non-essential travel, the Public Health Officer has advised to avoid non-essential travel. Given the limited capacity of our ferry, the simple interpretation is “Essential travel only” (consistent with the March 24 BC Ferries advisory).



The ferry crew has been putting out a sign with these new requirements, and should be supported and assisted in helping to keep passengers and crew safe, and keeping the ferry operating.

Passengers can help the crew comply with the requirements if we understand and follow:

1. Only the crew can and should make any determination of what is essential travel/cargo (that is their jurisdiction and duty).

2. Everyone, especially non-residents, should have clearly essential reasons for travel and be willing to share those when asked. Please don’t take offense if asked, everyone is trying to ensure safety.

3. Any concerns about another traveller or cargo should be raised with the crew. Asking someone gently their reasons for travel and pointing to service notices seems fine (and follows advice from the Public Health Officer). Please avoid assuming that unfamiliar faces must be non-essential travellers (they may be coming to provide a critical service). We need to be kind to each other.

As long as physical distancing is being observed (which is possible with the max. capacity of 20), the ferry service can meet the Provincial and Federal requirements that are designed to help this essential service continue safely.


See for information on Provincial Health Orders and Notices.


Thank you,
your regional director

Revelent items from the BC Ferries Travel Advisory

COVID-19 Update - March 24, 2020

BC Ferries is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy travel experience for our passengers and employees. Crews have been taking, and will continue to take, extra measures to ensure continued safe transport of critical goods and supplies to coastal B.C. communities. With the ability for passengers to stay in their vehicle on any car deck, access open air decks and spread out throughout the ship, there are many ways our employees are working hard to maintain the vital service we provide for B.C.’s coastal communities.

Essential travel only
In line with directions provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada and other leading health authorities, BC Ferries is advising customers to avoid non-essential travel at this time.

Many communities served by BC Ferries have issued advisories to travellers notifying them of limited supplies, healthcare equipment and resources. Travellers should inform themselves of local situations before travelling, especially when travelling to northern communities such as Bella Bella, Bella Coola, Klemtu, Ocean Falls, Port Hardy, Prince Rupert, Shearwater and Haida Gwaii. The travel distances to these communities are long and the communities have limited resources for medical and other situations. 

Other communities including Bowen Island, the qathet (Powell River) Regional District, and some Northern and Southern Gulf Islands have also issued advisories. According to health authorities, staying at home and avoiding non-essential travel helps to “flatten the curve” and reduces the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

BC Ferries provides a lifeline to remote and to coastal communities in British Columbia, and will continue to provide vital services, such as delivering medical supplies and groceries to support communities, and transporting emergency workers, doctors and nurses, safely.


Physical distancing
We are strongly advising passengers to stay in their vehicles, regardless of their car deck, during the crossing. If you must come up to the passenger decks, please maintain physical distancing on board, and stay at least two metres away from employees. Our crew are making announcements asking customers to stay in their cars, distance themselves if they must come upstairs and wash their hands.



At present, False Bay School is closed until further notice. [needs verification/link]



At present, the Nurse Clinic at the Judith Fisher Centre is closed until further notice. [needs verification/link]



Please knock and then stay back 2m.




  • Free Store: closed until further notice. The porch of course is there to browse but please be mindful of your drop offs as it will soon be out of control. Save your trash for trash day and don’t leave it on the porch.
  • Recycling Depot: The depot is still open for business one customer at a time doing your recycling and you will be asked to sort your own stuff and depot staff will coach you. Thanks for your patience in advance.
  • Garbage: Dump day first Thursday of the month 11-1 weather permitting. Mark B has free clear trash bags at the depot - come by and pick some up. There will be a jar for the tipping fees and no change will be given, so bring $5's and $20's.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to give Mark B a call: 8601 or 240 9886.




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