Changes to frieght on the ferry


Hello everyone,


 Due to the current conditions with the coranvirus we are immediately suspending all unnecessary freight on the ferry until further notice. This includes all building supplies, bulk orders other then food, mattresses, furniture etc.

We are trying to limit the amount of people coming to pick up or drop off freight.

In addition to these changes when you come for food deliveries they will be unloaded by the crew and placed on the dock. DO NOT come onboard to grab your groceries wait for them to be brought out to you 


Thank you understanding the trying times that we are in 


 Your ferry crew 

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Lasqueti Ferry

The ferry runs from French Creek Harbour on Vancouver Island to False Bay on Lasqueti Island. Pay parking is available at the marina. The trip takes from 50 minutes to over an hour (in rough waters).   Passengers and freight only - no cars!

Lasqueti Island Ferry Schedules & Fares


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