Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling


Lasqueti has no garbage disposal. Please minimize the waste that you produce and dispose of your garbage off-island. You can fill a tote with your waste/recycling and take it back to appropriate places on Vancouver Island.
All organic waste should be composted on your own property. The Free Store will accept clean, reusable goods.
Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle are the 4 'R's that we live by here.
Please see these links for useful tips:

Recycling     Lasqueti Recycling Depot

The Recycling Centre is located behind the Free Store. Please read and respect sorting signs. If there isn't a sign for it, it doesn't belong there.
Generally, we accept clean household recycling like hard and soft plastic, tin cans, and refundables like pop cans, liquor and glass bottles. You can bring clean egg cartons for reuse by locals.
For a complete list of accepted materials, see:  Rural Recycling Depot Accepted Items
Church Rd. Transfer Station accepts car batteries for a fee.

BC Recycling Hotline: 1-800-667-4321


Lasqueti is in the process of developing a Solid Waste Management Plan, as the dump does not meet Provincial standards.  The dump currently accepts some forms of solid waste, including scrap metal.

  • No drywall, No batteries, No insulation, No oil, paint, or other toxic waste!!
  • Please take all recyclable materials to the Recycle Depot and save our landfill

The dump is open first Saturday of every month 1-3 pm.

Winter 2016:  For the latest work on these issues, see: Lasqueti Solid Waste Management Committee