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On a recent trip to Return-It in P'ville, I learned recycling depots now require we sort 'soft plastic' into 2 categories - basically plastic bags and "crinkly" packaging.   If your recycling is not sorted, you have to do it on-site, so better to just sort it as you go.  Here are the posters that help explain the difference:


The good news is that the "packaging" category includes a very wide range, including zip lock bags, net mesh bags, and chip bags.

One type of packaging not acceptted at all is "plastic-lined paper".  Que Pasa corn chips come in this type of packaging, which just goes in the trash.  I have written Que Pasa to ask them to switch packaging, which they say they are working on, but I think they need a loud, clear message from those of us who love their product.  So, I'm going to start mailing them all my empty corn chip bags.  One bag can be mailed for a regular stamp, the address is on the bag, so I invite you to join me in this small protest.

Happy recycling.

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Que Pasa chip bags

Hi. Did you send your chip bags to Que Pasa? I found your post as I am online looking for info on their packaging, whether it is plant-based liner in their paper bag packages. Do you know? Good for you. Nice to see someone else taking this on!

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Re; Que Pasa chip bags

I saved up bags for a year, boxed em up, and sent them to Que Pasa with yet more pleas to switch to more sustainable / recyclable packaging. Unfortunately, I got back a typical pat corporate letter and a couple coupons for some free bags. Very unsatisfying. I've been trying alternate corn chip brands, but Que Pasa are hard to beat. More pressure needed from others.

Also checked online to see if

Also checked online to see if the Que Pasa bags are recyclable since I noticed the plastic liner on the inside, but it’s unfortunate that we can’t recycle them :(. Thanks for putting in the work to let them know!

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