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The newsletter on the False Bay Master Plan (FBMP) that was mailed on Lasqueti last week, and also to off-island landowners, is now posted on the internet. A link to it can be found on the Trust website, on the Lasqueti Projects and Initiatives page called False Bay Parking and Master Plan  (http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/islands/local-trust-areas/lasqueti/project...). 

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Comment on parking in False Bay by Guy Immega

Re: False Bay Parking – False Bay Master Plan

Hello Peter,

I'm writing to you about the False Bay Master Plan and the issue of parking in the False Bay area. Since I cannot easily attend meetings on Lasqueti, I am hoping you will note my written comments and bring these to the attention of any committee or other meetings addressing this topic. I have reviewed the forums on Lasqueti.ca, the APC Report to Islands Trust, Meeting Minutes from 2013 Feb 22, the November FBMP Newsletter and the various Staff Reports on the web site.

1. Island Bias: Although not stated explicitly, it is obvious from the maps, forum comments and notes left on vehicles that the primary goal of the parking plan is to force off-island landowners to remove their cars from False Bay area to make space for islanders' vehicles. In my opinion, this would be the equivalent of eliminating "green space" long-term parking at French Creek and telling Lasqueti Island residents to take a taxi to go shopping in Parksville. As I expect that most attendees at any future meetings will be island residents, I'm concerned that this bias will prevail in any decisions that are made, which is unfair and undemocratic, even discriminatory.

2. Taxpayers: Off-island landowners are more numerous and pay more taxes than residents. These taxes fund the public roads and ferry, which are primarily used by residents. Suggesting that off-island owners hitchhike or take a taxi to retrieve their vehicles is not reasonable, and is certainly not ecologically sound. Suggesting that off-island owners depend on their neighbours for rides is uncomfortable and probably unworkable except in a few rare cases.

3. Parking Safety: Parking near the ferry is not a safety issue (except for theft and arson, which I have experienced). I am not aware of any serious parking accidents. Parking near the ferry is like street parking in the city.

4. Dock Safety: The key safety issue in False Bay is vehicle crowding on the dock at ferry times. On Gambier Island, a small boy was drowned when he turned the key in a pickup and the truck jumped off the dock. A primary goal of the plan should be to reduce the number vehicles that use the dock. The only practical way to do this is to provide ample parking near the dock, so that more people will walk to and from the ferry.

5. Long Term Parking Lot: The Plan is concerned with the "rural character" of False Bay. However, the charm of False Bay is seriously marred by the industrial area and junkyard behind the fuel pumps. Why was this allowed when it violates the zoning provisions in the Lasqueti Community Plan? A much better use of the now denuded and graveled land would be a pay parking lot. It would also earn steady income for the landowner. Viable long term parking near the ferry should be provided BEFORE parking is restricted on Main Road or Weldon Road. As you know, there is a waiting list of many years for parking spaces in the Church lot.

6. Short Term Parking: If the primary goal of the False Bay Master Plan is to increase short-term parking spaces for residents, the best way to do this would be to remove unlicensed (and uninsured) and junk vehicles. There is legal justification for doing this. There is none for forcing off-island landowners with properly licensed vehicles to leave.


Although I'm no longer able to be a full-time resident on Lasqueti, I retain a strong connection to the island. On a volunteer basis, I provide full-time broadband Internet to the local community – including Heron Bay. I don't charge LIAS for this service. In fact, I have paid several thousand dollars out of my own pocket for dedicated equipment, generator repairs and gasoline to support the LIAS site at our cabin. I also did the overall engineering design of the LIAS network and managed the initial purchase order for the radios that started the system, all donated effort. I still provide technical support to Larry Manahan (who says my site, which has not gone down for almost two years, is the most reliable on the LIAS network – even though it is managed from Vancouver).

This spring, LIAS is planning a major upgrade to my site, including a steel tower (to replace the rotting fir tree). When this is completed, my site will link to the South End, providing new Internet service to many homes. As you can imagine, this affects the privacy of our cabin and will require my ongoing technical support. I intend to provide a LIAS site for the indefinite future, since it is the only mid-island location that can receive signals directly from Laurence's site (hills block all other signal paths).

I point all this out to support my argument that it is not right to discriminate against off-island residents on the False Bay parking issue. I am not alone in contributing to the community and economy of Lasqueti Island and I hope I can count on you to make sure that the off-island landowning population of Lasqueti has a voice in discussions on this topic. To repeat: there needs to be adequate long-term parking within walking distance to the ferry dock BEFORE any new parking plan is implemented.

I hope you'll relay my comments to the Local Trust Committee working on the False Bay Master Plan. Please let me know your (and their) response.

Thank you,

Guy Immega


I enjoyed reading Guy's letter. Although I can't agree with all of it, the conclusion is exactly correct. Junkers should be removed. There is currently lots of room for parking above the 3-day zone. We, and our neighbours, share rides to ferries, pick-up and drop-off, rarely having to leave vehicles down town. It is strong community building to do these things and everyone should know someone glad to help them out when needed.