Shoreline Map 1 - Distribution of Shoreline Types

Here are photos of the first of three maps of the Lasqueti shoreline to be shown and explained at the workshop at the Arts Centre on Thursday.  Everyone welcome

dsc00437.jpg64.15 KB
dsc00440.jpg62.2 KB
dsc00441.jpg46.81 KB
dsc00442.jpg54.69 KB
dsc00443.jpg54.69 KB
dsc00444.jpg58.57 KB
dsc00445.jpg63.17 KB
dsc00446.jpg67.71 KB
dsc00447.jpg61.24 KB
dsc00448.jpg47.78 KB
dsc00449.jpg63.35 KB


Full Resolution Map

The full resolution map as a PDF can be downloaded from the Island Trust -

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