Guiding our Actions

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It is time for us to use our intuition to interact with the forerunner governments that are surfacing all over the world during this holiday season, despite the fact that the media is still trying to keep us in the dark about this progress. We can start acting in bold and innovative ways as we establish a vital strong bond with each other. This must be based on openness, not on blind trust or the glamor of authority. This is our first step in practicing the responsibilities inherent in a galactic society. We can begin to see society as an organic, interactive whole of which we, each one, are a vital, necessary, alive part.

As new people take the helms of the innovative governments and brand new financial institutions, our present economic and societal predicaments need to be looked after properly. Our new reality is beginning. As new governance restores our rightful power, we will exercise our intuition to interact with these forerunner governments in bold and innovative ways. We are soon to be addressed directly by some off-world and inner earth societies for the first time in a long while.

As we become lovingly aware of one another, we will use love and generosity to guide our actions, flowing with each other in new innovative understanding. There is a lot of newness coming upon us that at first may appear somewhat confusing. A host of questions are popping up which shape perception of our roles in this new, more conscious society. We are exploring a myriad of ways to implement cooperation and love for the good of us all. We are being asked to launch forth and reverse just about everything we grew up with and live in the present.

Finally the sacred moment has arrived when the truth of our Being is being revealed to us. We are regaining our liberty and beginning to receive the many sacred truths long withheld from us. Spiritual masters have tried to keep these truths alive in our teachings for thousands of years, and in so doing, prepare humanity for this great return of full consciousness. We are being made aware every day of what we are capable of and the amazing power that we, as a collective, possesses. Let us take advantage of this time to spread the message of freedom, prosperity, and a return to divine Truth.

This Light grows stronger with each day and is beaming from the brightness of Source. This grand Light is blasting away the power of the alien dark agenda and giving true sustenance to those who clamor for the sacred edicts of the Light! Finally the sacred moment has arrived when the truth of our Beingness is discovered and allowed to express itself.




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